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Meet The Team


Steven Corn

With a practice that includes clients nationally, Steven Corn has been involved with healthcare, real estate, business and many other areas of mediation. He is a practicing mediator in Maryland's District Court involved with landlord and tenant cases. His dispute resolution background includes 30 years as a music business affairs executive. He is also a board-certified, independent patient advocate resolving financial healthcare disputes. Volunteering at local community conflict resolution centers allows him to apply his skills on a local level. Helping people overcome what they consider to be insurmountable differences gives him the greatest work and life satisfaction.

Lionel Green Headshot IMG_20240207_065710419_HDR_PORTRAIT~2 (square).jpg

Lionel Green

Dr. Lionel Green (“Dr. Green”) is the Owner and CEO of WBGR Sports & Entertainment Network LLC. Has a B.S. in Sports Management, an M.S. in Sports Administration, a Project Manager Professional (“PMP”) Certification, and J.D. in Contract Law. He loves helping people navigate the intricacies of the legal system to “stay in front of the curve”. Dr. Green is a certified mediator practicing in the District courts of Maryland and providing volunteer community services where he and his wife reside. .

Our Approach

Mediation is a way for the parties to communicate clearly with each other about what brought them to the discussion. It is a process by which the parties can mutually agree on how to handle the situation. The mediator’s role is not to offer suggestions. Rather it is to facilitate the parties to come up with their own solution. It is to assist the parties to listen to each other and obtain an understanding of how to appreciate each other’s situation or perspective and how to move forward from the point of conflict.


The hallmarks of our mediation practice are

  • Enabling the parties to fully communicate their positions

  • Respecting the autonomy of the parties

  • Suspending judgment and being neutral

  • Protecting the confidentiality of the mediation process

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